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Let’s all be honest. The acoustic songs on the new Defeater Record “Empty Days and Sleepless Nights” are just as good as the hardcore songs that got Defeater so famous. They are just as passionate, just as beautiful, just as meaningful.  The name Alcoa holds a special place in my heart. Derek Archambault (singer of Defeater) said he decided to name this solo project Alcoa while driving through Alcoa, Tennessee on tour. Alcoa, Tennessee is one of the larger locations of Alcoa Aluminum company and that area of Tennessee is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachians.

My grandfather worked and retired from Alcoa and he is one of the strongest,most admirable people I have ever met, and it’s facts like this, the fact that Alcoa is a big post-depression/World War II company and it’s geographical location that are some of the same subjects that fuel Derek Archambault’s music. These three songs sound a lot like the acoustic songs featured on “Empty Days….” but a lot younger. Very early Conor Oberst-ish. Very over emotional Americana, in a good way. I have no idea the timeline of these demos, but I feel like they are rather old. 

This review is a little long winded and really talks about my grandfather too much, but I have spent the last four months with him and next week he is heading back up north, so i’m setting up for an emotional departure, so bear with me, but seriously, please check out this demo and support Defeater as much as you can. They are one of the best bands in modern alternative music.


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